Located in Palo Alto, CA, Seerslab Inc. is a mobile media service and technology company bringing Hollywood into users’ everyday lives with lollicam, a fun and easy real-time video editing app.


Our mission is to bring innovations in creating, editing and sharing mobile videos. Our team consists of experienced and passionate professionals gathered to solve the pain-points of producing and sharing daily videos via mobile devices.
lollicam was started with an entirely new approach of “pre-processing” on creating and editing videos simultaneously as they are taken. This process is combined with new technologies of face-tracking systems and VFX with various fun stickers and cinematic effects. With such tools, our users can easily create unique photos and movielike videos and share them with their family and friends more easily.
Here at Seerslab, we all love what we do and whom we work with. We are seeking investors, partners and colleagues on our journey to build the platform together to bring great contents from all around world to people’s everyday lives. Stay tuned to Seers !


Michael Chong

Chief Executive Officer

Michael is passionate about out-of-box ideas and executing them into reality. Video games, mobile services, back-pack traveling, Paul Gauguin, Gates and Jobs, his family and friends have made Michael who he is now. He formerly worked in Samsung and SK Telecom as a New Service and Business Developer over 10 years.


Chief Technology Officer

JC has developed numerous camera apps for the past 10 years, and now he is the technology leader of Seerslab. New emerging technologies and media related apps are his major interests.

Aaron Yang

Vice President of Product & Partnership

As a marketing manger, Aaron makes sure that everyone in the world get to know lollicam. When he's not in work, he loves to go hiking.

Mooa Kim

Senior Designer

With her experiences as a top VFX artist, Mooa Kim manages Seerslab's all VFX contents. She has participated in numerous commercial videos and movies, and now her such skills make lollicam the best cinematic video app on the market.

Phillip Roh

Software Engineer

Phillip is a software engineer at Seerslab.

I don't quit.
I don't run.
I don't cower.
I endure and conquer.
- Kobe Bryant

Summer Jung

Product Manager

Summer used to be a sophomore majoring in Product Design at Stanford University, but now she is a strategic marketing manager at Seerslab. This year, her dream is to become a college dropout and make lollicam worth her college degree.

Auber Oh

Deputy Manager

Auber has a strong passion for movies. He is currently working as a product manager at Seerslab, and he wants to help people make their daily lives into a movie with lollicam.

Sohyun Ahn

Senior Software Engineer

Sohyun, an insightful Android developer, is a senior researcher specialized in Image processing. She is gonna be THE developer that can build anything.

Kihong Hwang

Senior Software Engineer

Kihong is a software engineer, specializing in iOS development. His favorite language is Objectiv-c and Swift. His motto goes, "it's not over till it's over."


Marketing Manager

–Make everyone in the world know lollicam
–Lead lollicam's product strategy and marketing campaigns
–Planning, managing and execute the product roadmap with attention to detail
–Work closely with all people in the team to lead and manage the project

–Min. 3 years of experience on product or marketing management of mobile service
–Consumer, Mobile, Video Contents experience highly needed
–Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and customer-oriented mind
–Ability to work in a collaborative team environment and a good sense of humor

Graphic Designer

–Create graphic design elements for lollicam
–Play a key role in the visual design of new products and features
–Contribute to the usability and appearance of our applications
–Experiment with new design concepts with significant creative freedom and ability.
–Interact with a small design team collaborating alongside brilliant software engineers in a fast moving startup culture
–Translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand visuals
–Portfolio with a strong emphasis on Android & iOS phones and tablets
–Majors equivalent to Graphic Design and Visual Design
–Passion for new product missions and ways to further enrich the product while simplifying the experience
–Ability to work in a collaborative team environment and a good sense of humor
–Experience of shipping beautifully designed consumer mobile products to significant user bases

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